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Nazemi Lawyers Group

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Laws are complicated and they are changing everyday


Since 2014 our attorneys, have practiced in different areas of law. We know the law and we have the practical experience to back it up. We use modern and efficient methods. It’s often said lawyers are slow to change but we reject this old tradition and embrace technology as a tool to help us assist our clients more effectively.

Family Law

Family Law

<strong>Conflict of Laws</strong>

Conflict of Laws

<strong>Receiving claims</strong>

Receiving claims

<strong>Intellectual Property </strong>

Intellectual Property

<strong>Professional contract arrangement</strong>

Professional contract arrangement

<strong>Domestic and foreign business law</strong>

Domestic and foreign business law

<strong>Corporate law</strong>

Corporate law

<strong>Registration law</strong>

Registration law

<strong> Civil law</strong>

Civil law

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